Saturday, January 20, 2007

Snow Daze!

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts in my last post. It's hard, as the human, when things don't work out because you feel a level of blame. I'm happy to say, though, that Maddie was adopted yesterday. All's well that ends well, I suppose.

We had a full-on Portland snow storm this week! Being from Minnesota, it was laughable at about 3 inches, but because it's so rare this city is not prepared for weather like this. It's so funny to me to see these people rushing around for chains for their tires. It's 3 inches of snow! All the same, people can't drive under normal circumstances here, I was not about to risk my life out there, so I stayed home. The day after the snow was probably worse, as it had time to warm up and then freeze. Eek! Jim was sick, so he was able to spend a day with me, which was nice, even if he was germ-infested. :)

Sick/snow day dinner. Aloo matar gobi, curried potatoes, peas and cauliflower. Yum! Served with brown jasmine rice and in place of naan I took a sheet of lavosh and heated it in the oven with some melted EB and crushed garlic brushed on top.

One of my favorite treats that we haven't had in a long time. I basically melt down some chocolate and then stir in enough nuts and dried fruit so that everything is nicely coated, then I plop spoonfuls down on waxed paper to set in the fridge. The fruit makes them nice and chewy. This batch was cranberry/sour cherry/pecan.

Dinner from a night last week. Baked tofu with a wild rice pilaf and some delicata squash. Oh, I'm loving the ease of delicata right now! So tasty. They were tossed with mixture of melted EB and lime juice.

I don't know how much longer I can bore you all with pizza or pancake photos, but here's another one! Pizza 2 nights ago, herbed crust with red sauce, VwaV sausage crumbles, baby bella mushrooms, kalamata olives and artichokes. I love pizza so much! It's a million times better as a vegan because you can actually TASTE it!

And while he's not happy with this pic, my sick hubster on the couch. :( At least he had plenty of company. Ravi and Linus kept him warm and, believe it or not, Bindhi is between his legs, under the afghan. This was, to date, the first time all 3 cats were on the couch at the same time. Every time Jim gets sick they flock to him, such good little kitties.


joyce said...

That's great news about Maddie.

I see the cats are in the well-known Dr. Cat mode.

I'm going to make some of those chocolate things right now, chocolate and cranberry.

erica said...

I'm glad Maddie was adopted so quick.

Ha! I have a picture like that, I had to document the first time both cats were on the couch TOUCHING each other, both sitting on the blanket, on me. They don't seem to hate each other so much if they're in love mode.

You're so lucky you got to stay home. I had to be at work, on time, for the full work day every day last week.

springsandwells said...

I'm so glad to hear that sweet Maddie has found a new home. That will help your heart heal.

I love the picture of your kitties snugging your husband! hee hee. Cats love afghans. And sofas. And especially lounging sick people.

Nice idea to mix lime juice on the roasted squash! I'll try it.

Also, I don't know if it's just because I am currently suffering from inadequate-post-dinner-sweets syndrome, but those choccy treats look AMAZING!

Courtney said...

I have been reading your blog for a while now, but I have never commented. Thanks for all of the great posts! I did not realize that you were from MN--I am too! Actually, I am still in MN and it is snowing as I write this :)

Anyway, I am sorry to hear about Maddie, but glad that she has found a home.

Thanks again for keeping your blog!

Candi said...

Great news about Maddie! I'm sure you did what was best for all of you, including Maddie!!

The chocolates look so good!! :)

Your husband is adorable, even while sick. And look how the cats flock to him! :) Very cute!

Brooke said...

That pizza looks great, and I want some of those chocolate thingies!

Good-Dees said...

It's so amazing animals know when they need to help their "owners"- one of my cats doesn't even like my man Goods, but I saw her curled up on her when he was under the weather one time - Cats rule!
Oh so do squirrels- I love my squirrels.
Your cats are gorgeous - well at least the ones I can see!

laura jesser said...

Poor Jim--wishes for better health coming his way! Glad the cats are there to cuddle up with him...

Ooh, the curry dish is really striking a cord with me right now. Curry is so delicious and so warm... I foresee aloo matar coming out of my kitchen sometime this week.

I'm so glad Maddie found a home!

That's funny about the fuss over 3 inches of snow! Hah--you should see the way the world turns upside-down here in GA when there's even a THREAT of snow or ice!

aTxVegn said...

Great news about Maddie!

All the meals look wonderful! I love making those chocolate goodies too, esp. with peanuts. And I love the squash rings. They're fun and delicious.

I hope your hubby is better.

Ruthie said...

Yummy food pics! I especially like the pizza. Keep posting pizza pic's all you want. :)

Sorry your husband is sick :( you have a very comfy looking couch though! :)

Mikaela said...

A kitty cuddle puddle makes everything better :)

Carrie™ said...

Sorry to hear things didn't work out with Maddie. My Simon HATES cats. Since he's a hunting dog, I think he might see them as vermin, so we can never get a cat or any other smallish animal. Luckily, Maddie has gone to a new home.
You can dazzle me with pizza or pancakes photos anytime. I eat more pizza than a person probably should.
Funny you should mention the snow & how people react. Where I live now in Southern Ontario, it's not nearly as bad as what I experienced on the east coast growing up. What they call blizzard here, is a snow storm. Plus, here, things warm up in between and the snow melts away. Out east, it just keeps snowing and piling up. I'm sure you have this in Minnesota too - giant snow banks at the end of your driveway so you can't even see the road. You have to inch your way out slowly so as not to hit anyone. Then again, I could never take Florida weather all hot and sticky with giant bugs & alligators *shudder*
Also, aloo looks amazing!

Nikki said...

I am so glad Maddie has a new home!

That Indian meal looks so yummy. I want to make that soon! :)

Anonymous said...

Your food looks so delicious! I love the idea for the quick chocolate treats. Those would make great road trip snacks.

I have to say, that picture of Jim is adorable. Your kitties are so cute and they sure know how to doctor a sick patient.

Anonymous said...

What a cute photo of your husband and the cats!

love the food photos, yum!
Great news about Maddie, im so happy for her :)

Anonymous said...

those nests look great. I think next time I make macaroons I'll throw in nuts and dried fruit!

funwithyourfood said...

aww your kitties are cute! and the chocolate nuts sound wonderful :)

Great blog!


Urban Vegan said...

Glad Maddie found a home. Your kitties look cozy on the hubseter--hope he's all better.

And that, oh man.