Sunday, January 07, 2007

Beige is the new yum.

Well, not really and I've been eating really well lately, but all my pictures have a level of beigeness to them, partly the food itself and partly the lighting. But I do love beige things. Beige = starch = potatoes or bread or other baked goods. Drool.

Pasta we had last week. Organic brown rice penne from Trader Joe's (although, they aren't really penne, they are just long tubes, almost like giant elbow macaroni). Roasted garlic tomato sauce, red kale, artichokes, cremini mushrooms and a nice sprinkling of chopped kalamata olives on top. I'm becoming an olive junky, especially for kalamata ones. We resisted the temptation to have bread on the side and we really didn't need it. It's just so good...

Breakfast for dinner the other night. I made Isa's basic pancake recipe, but instead subbed the water for orange juice and added a teaspoon of zest and a splash of vanilla. The vanilla makes the orange less intense and makes it taste like an orange creamsicle. With chocolate chips, of course! I also made a 1/2 batch of the orange pudding (which I'm clearly addicted to!) from Vegan Cupcakes to have on top. I made it with rice milk, which I wasn't crazy about. We're trying to use different milks in things than just almond and soy all the time, but rice leaves too much of an aftertaste and the fat content just isn't there for certain things. We used hazelnut milk last week and it was good, but tasted distinctly nutty. Anyone have any experience with oat milk?

This bad boy is the latest treat we've been making. We have frozen, small sqaures of puff pastry and I just thaw them, roll them out a little and fill with 2-3 squares chopped chocolate, half of a banana chopped up and a spoonful of peanut butter. We bake them until golden and puffy and brush on some Earth Balance before cooling. YUM! I made one the other night where I omitted the peanut butter and added a sprinkling of walnuts instead. It's so simple and easy to throw together and is great because it makes just the right amount and there are no leftovers lying around (like brownies!) to graze on. This one was Jim's, I cut out a heart for it to vent from. Aw, aren't we cheezy?

After a brief flirtation with warmer days and sun, we're back to cold weather, but I can't say I don't enjoy it. I love curling up with a warm drink and a book, lighting a fire, snuggling under a blanket to watch a movie and most of all wearing sweaters/hoodies! I do miss sandals, though, as I'm one of those people who hates wearing shoes and socks. But knowing how incredible and perfect the summers are here, I'm in no rush. Good things come to those who wait.

Hope you all are having great weekends!


Caty said...

Roasted garlic tomato sauce sounds delicious- what recipe do you use (or do you get it from a jar)?

The pancakes look delicious. And the chocolate/banana/peanut butter things look yummy too, they kinda remind me of one of the recipes in La Dolce Vegan.

maybeknott said...

Oatmilk is extremely tasty. By the glass as well as in baking sweet things.

madeinalaska said...

that creamsicle pancake sounds very inviting!!
yep, I with you on the whole sandals thing! We have such a short sandal season here though, I do wear one pair around the house for my slippers (way better support).

Anonymous said...

I'm down with brown! Seriously, I could eat brown all day every day. Pasta, potatoes, bread, and let's not forget chocolate. Mmmmm!

Great idea for the pancakes and the puff pastries. Looks so delicious!

springsandwells said...

Ooooh, fun stuff.
I love breakfast for dinner! It's one of my favorite adult indulgences. Orange pancakes sound yummy. So does Orange Pudding - I'll have to check that out!!

Also the puff pastries, whoa! What a good idea.

I've tried oat milk for cereal and other things... but i'm not sure for pudding. I really like it. I think soy is the most "neutral" and also has some nice fat content.

Kellimezzo said...

Those puff pastries...I'm craving one (or two) now!

I don't do shoes and socks either. That's the downer this time of year.

laura jesser said...

Those pancakes look incredible, and I love how you got all creative with them.

Oat milk is something I would really like to try myself--I just haven't gotten around to it yet! I hope you find success with it!

erica said...

I'm starting to really jones for spring. I love the rain and all, but it would be nice to have some leaves on the trees and that sort of thing.

Britty said...


Thanks for commenting on my blog! :D

Wow, those pancakes sound so good! I really want to make those now. :P


aTxVegn said...

Yes, the pasta looks great, but all the sweet stuff - fabulous! Did you make a heart in the pastry?